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The problem with blogging

Posted by Jeanne on September 28, 2011

I may have mentioned once or twice (or in every recent post), but I’ve been struggling with inspiration.  Obviously, we’re eating – eating isn’t optional.

But I feel like WHAT we’re eating hasn’t been very interesting, or worthy of posting.  I’ve been relying on things that we make over and over again, many of which I’ve already posted here.  And some of which are just boring.  I don’t think the internet really needs one more lasagna recipe, does it?

I’ve been trying to come up with things to post, but it’s been difficult.  I don’t want to become a “cook the book” blog, although I love some of those blogs and it would certainly get me some posts – mostly because I don’t want to be tied to one cookbook for that long.  Also, I suck at following directions.  There are some other ideas I have floating around, but none has stuck so far.  Maybe soon I’ll hit the idea lottery.

Anyway.  So that’s why posting has been sporadic, and may continue to be so.  Jeanne Eats World and Jeanne Cooks World still exist, but I’m trying to figure out in what form they will do so in the future.  Until then, I hope you will bear with me, and continue to check in.

And here is a picture of my dogs.

Aren’t they adorable?


4 Responses to “The problem with blogging”

  1. Claire said

    They ARE cute. Super. I personally wish I could find a foodie blog that has recipes like, “Best recipe for a bitchy wife.” “Best meal for deciding not to blackmail your roommate.” “Best recipe for ‘My job sucks, dude.'” “Best recipe to make for a husband who fixed the toilet.” “Best recipe for the world’s most dramatic teenager.” “Best recipe for I hate fucking cooking every bloody day.” “Best recipe for making your neighbors want to move.” “Best recipe for post-break up.” Remember tinymixtapes? Are they still around? I have no energy to even Google them. But anyway, you could search for all these mix tapes based on mood like mix tape for a girl you love to hate or mix tape for when your lover is gone for 2 weeks or mix tape for how much you love your dogs or on and on and on. Anyway…carry on.

  2. Jeanne said

    Love it!

  3. anotheryarn said

    I know exactly what you mean. Luckily I have you in my RSS feed, so when you do cook something post worthy I’ll see it 🙂

  4. I find that my desire to post on my blog comes and goes. I currently have a huge backlog of recipe photos that I could do, but no real motivation to post. I am OK with that. It will be what it will be, and that is what makes it my blog.

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