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Menu plan (clearing out the freezer edition)

Posted by Jeanne on October 2, 2011

We can no longer get anything in our freezer.  This is a problem.

The reasons are myriad – losing track of things in the freezer, buying a bunch of something and then freezing half of it without a plan for its use, etc.  Today Curt did an inventory of the freezer and we have an enormous list of things I’d like to get used up.

So this is what we’re making – items each meal will clear out are in parentheses:

Portuguese green soup (1/2 package andouille, greens, chicken stock)

Shrimp & andouille gumbo (the other 1/2 package andouille, 1 lb. shrimp, lobster stock)

Oven-“fried” fish sandwiches + sweet potato fries + roast green beans (tilapia, burger buns, sweet potato fries, beans)

Pizza (dough, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce)

Tortilla pie (corn)

Pasta with red sauce, Italian sausage & greens (tomato sauce, Italian sausage, greens, mozzarella cheese)

Turkey burgers + sauteed broccoli (turkey burgers, burger buns, broccoli)

Chili-topped baked potatoes (veggie chili)

Honey-soy braised pork shoulder + steamed rice + sauteed green beans (pork shoulder, green beans)

Chicken & veg pot pie (chicken thighs, pearl onions, peas, pastry dough)

Fish tacos + slaw (fish, tortillas)

Chicken bahn mi + sauteed green beans (chicken thighs, hotdog buns, green beans)

Fried green tomato BLTs + sweet potato fries (bacon, sweet potato fries)

Corn & bacon chowder (corn, bacon)

I’ve got some cooking to do, it seems.  Also, we have frozen and already prepared:

Channa masala + naan

Butternut squash mac & cheese

Horseradish pot roast + potatoes & carrots

Lasagne bolognese

And we’ll probably try and move through those as well.  It’s going to be an interesting month in our house – not the most exciting, food-wise, but at least we won’t have to go to the store except for a handful of things.


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