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Split pea soup

Posted by Jeanne on December 28, 2011

Drive by, barely a post to say:  I made split pea soup and I liked it.

I have NEVER liked split pea soup.  Ever before.  But my in-laws made ham on Christmas eve, and for some reason Curt mentioned the night before that he loves split pea soup, so we took home some leftover ham (and the bone) and I made some split pea soup.

I tried it fully expecting to end up having a peanut butter sandwich for dinner, and ended up really liking it.  This is why I always try things again even if I didn’t like them the other times I’ve had them.

Split pea soup for the win!

I could take some photos but frankly, split pea soup is hideous.  So here is a picture of Nettie in her holiday gear:

This is why dogs bite people.  Happy holidays!

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