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The plan

Posted by Jeanne on April 15, 2012

I made a menu plan – go me!  This is going to be the week when we attempt to cook more than we eat from the freezer.  I froze a ton of stuff in February and we’ve been eating mostly that, but it’s running out – and I really want to get back in the kitchen a bit!   You will notice that this menu plan takes MANY MANY items from Debbie’s book Parents Need to Eat Too.  This is not a coincidence.

This should get us through the next three weeks, when I get to start tackling another new thing – working!  Ack.

Chicken & artichoke pasta (freezer)

Pasta e fagioli (from Debbie’s book)

Beef & barley stew (freezer)

Italian sausage, Israeli couscous, and greens skillet

Brunswick stew (freezer)

Italian wedding soup (from Debbie’s book – crock pot)

Korean beef stew + rice (from Debbie’s book)

Balsamic beef stew (from Debbie’s book – crock pot)

Homemade pizza

Hainan chicken rice

Chicken cacciatore turnovers (from Debbie’s book)

Soup & sandwiches

Matzo ball soup (crock pot)

Erika and her 2.5 year old son Dylan are visiting on Thursday – looking forward to some good times with them!


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