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The plan, mid-June 2012

Posted by Jeanne on June 18, 2012

My father-in-law passed away on June 8th.  He had cancer, diagnosed a couple of years ago, and we knew it was coming – but somehow you are never quite as well-prepared as you think you should be.  There is pretty much no way to prepare for this kind of thing.

So things have been a little… hectic this week.  I didn’t write a full meal plan with days and everything, but I did make up a menu.  These are all things that can be made on a whim – no crock pot dishes.  We’ll pick and choose from this list for the next couple weeks.

Coconut curry noodle soup

Grilled chicken + greek quinoa salad

Pizza (spinach & artichoke, margherita, plain cheese, and I want to try a beet, goat cheese, & arugula one)

Smoked sausage & white bean casserole

Jerk chicken + greens

Soup + quesadillas

Burgers in pita + salad

Tamales (frozen) + rice & beans

Italian sausage, couscous, greens

Pasta with white beans, spinach & artichokes

BBQ spiced shrimp + cheddar polenta

Frittata + toast

Rest in peace, Rick.  You are missed.


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