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Blueberry limeaid cocktail

Posted by Jeanne on June 23, 2012

We cleaned out the freezer last weekend.  This is always an exciting experience, as the freezer can sometimes be Where things Go to Die.  We found some fun things this time though:  frozen blueberries and some blueberry vodka.

There wasn’t much of the vodka left, so I decided that in the interest of clearing up some space I should make a cocktail.  Purely in the interest of clearing up space, of course.

Blueberry limeaid cocktail (makes two drinks)


4 oz. blueberry flavored vodka

Juice of one lemon

Juice of one lime

1 TB powdered sugar, or 2 tsp simple syrup

Soda or sparkling water

Frozen blueberries (garnish)

Combine ice, vodka, lemon and lime juices, and sugar or simple syrup in a cocktail shaker.  Shake until very cold.

Serve over more ice topped with soda water (to taste) and garnish with frozen blueberries (or just serve over frozen blueberries).

Yum!  Glad to have suffered through this one for the sake of cleaning out the freezer.


One Response to “Blueberry limeaid cocktail”

  1. franceila said

    I have been sipping on Black Cherry Mojitos all afternoon, but

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