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The plan – week of January 20th

Posted by Jeanne on January 20, 2013

Ah, Sunday – we meet again.  E is in bed and is jabbering to herself and seems to be having a grand old time (at least based on my view via the baby monitor).  Which is insane to me as she is alone in a pitch dark room but… whatever.

Have I mentioned that she can crawl?  Nothing is safe.


Today she crawled right over to an outlet and tried to stick her fingers in it.  Thankfully I had already put outlet covers on but good lord.

Food for the week:

Breakfasts:  steel cut oats, quinoa, apple and pear porridge.  Spinach fritatta.


The perfect cut pear!  I haven’t eaten the oatmeal yet but if it is tasty I’ll post the recipe.

Dinners (and leftovers for lunches):

Sunday – chili

Monday – Asian meatball and edamame soba salad

Tuesday – sweet potato & red lentil stew

Wednesday – chili cheese baked “fries” (leftover chili and oven wedge “fries”)

Thursday – beef & Guinness stew

Friday – homemade pizza

Have a good week everyone!


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