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The plan – week of February 3rd

Posted by Jeanne on February 3, 2013

Last week was crazy.  Curt was sick, then we seem to have gotten ourselves in contract for a house, then I got really sick.  Still not sure with what except not the flu.  We will heretofore refer to this illness as the plague.  I spent all day Friday huddled under piles of blankets wearing my pajamas plus wool socks and a sweater, shivering and convinced I was going to die.  So that was unpleasant.  My fever broke about 8:30 PM on Friday and I feel much less like I am dying.  Still sick but definitely not dying.

Anyway, so we got a bit off track.  There was a lot of toast and tea in my life this week.

Sunday:  sausage and peppers pasta – Curt made homemade sausage a few weeks back and we picked up some of the fire-grilled peppers and onions at Trader Joe’s, so we mixed those together and whoot, dinner.

Breakfast:  overnight oatmeal.  I like it, actually.  I even made it with sunflower seed butter last week.


I has arrived as a food blogger.

Monday:  mapo tofu + green beans + rice

Tuesday:  gumbo (made last week and frozen because we didn’t eat it; see plague, above)





Wednesday:  pesto chicken sandwiches

Thursday:  roasted acorn squash and beet salad with goat cheese and bacon vinaigrette


Squash beware



Friday:  broccoli and cheddar pinwheels (I wrote about them in this post)

Anyway.  Stay healthy and have a good week, everyone.

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