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Front-yard foraging

Posted by Jeanne on June 26, 2013

So I believe I mentioned once or twice that we moved – moving sucks, eating takeout, blah blah blah.  One of the interesting parts about moving is whole new landscaping to discover.  We have peonies in the backyard, which are pretty but dead now.  And we have a serviceberry, or Amelanchier tree, in our front yard.


The berries are pretty.  They’re pretty tasty too – kind of like a blueberry.

The tree had a tag that said “serviceberry” on it, so my mom took some of the berries to our local extension office to verify.  It is indeed a serviceberry tree, and the berries are apparently quit nutritious.   Also no poisonous, which I verified by eating some of them myself and waiting 24 hours before feeding them to the child.

I might make some cobbler or something with them tomorrow.  Yard foraging is great because it appeals to both my foodie side and my totally cheap side!


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