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Mid-August Burnout

Posted by Jeanne on August 11, 2013

I’m pretty much over summer.  It hasn’t been that bad this year, especially compared to last year, but I’m so over being hot.  I’m done going for runs where I feel like maybe I am swimming because of the humidity.

I am also experiencing summer produce ennui.  I no longer want to take pictures of the beautiful produce we get from the garden or the CSA.  I was relieved when Curt told me he had picked his last zucchini because the plant was dying.


Ok maybe just one more picture.

Never fear though, winter is coming and in February I will be complaining about how I will never be warm again and bitching about how much I hate soup.  It’s the circle of life – like in the Lion King, but grumpier.

This week:

Saturday:  corn and zucchini cakes (recipe below) + eggs

Sunday:  herb and mustard rubbed pork tenderloin + roasted carrots and cabbage


Monday:  quesadillas + boxed soup

Tuesday:  caldo verde (aka Portuguese green soup)

Wednesday:  chili-lime shrimp bowls (modified from Budget Bytes, again.  I am so addicted to her blog.)

Thursday:  burgers + grilled potatoes

Friday:  pizza

Corn and zucchini cakes

Makes three dozen (can be frozen)

Half a small onion, finely diced

2 small zucchini, grated & drained

2 jalapenos or other hot peppers, finely minced

6 ears of corn, kernels removed (about 2 cups)


1 TB baking powder

Kosher salt & freshly grated black pepper

1.5 C flour

3 eggs, lightly beaten (I ended up using two whole eggs and two egg whites instead and it worked fine)

1.5 C milk

Olive oil (for cooking onions)
Sautee the diced onions in olive oil until softened and lightly brown.  Combine with zucchini, peppers, corn, baking powder, flour, and salt & pepper and toss to coat the veggies in the dry ingredients.
Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat.  You can use butter or oil if you want/feel like you need to.  Our nonstick seems to function better without so I just left the pan dry.
Add the eggs and milk to the veg and dry ingredients.  Stir to combine but do not overmix.
Drop by spoonfuls (I used a two-ounce disher aka ice cream scoop) into the warmed pan.  Cook until dry around the edges, about 3 minutes.  Flip and cook another 1 – 2 minutes until browned and delicious.
IMG_8041 IMG_8045
Serve immediately, or freeze on parchment paper to enjoy later.
We reheat in the toaster oven for about 8 – 10 minutes, or you can microwave for a minute or two if you don’t mind them being kind of soft.

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Glasford Haus of Zucchini

Posted by Jeanne on July 25, 2013

I have bitched mightily about the garden before.  And lo, here we are again.

Note:  I love that we have freshly grown produce.  I love that Curt has a hobby he enjoys.

I freaking hate the famine-or-feast of it all.  Two weeks ago we had no zucchini.  I think I BOUGHT zucchini last month.

This is what I picked last Thursday:


I froze 18 cups of shredded zucchini.  EIGHTEEN.  CUPS.  THAT IS A LOT OF FREAKING ZUCCHINI BREAD.  The plant is still going strong – I can already see another 8 zucchini coming up.  Oh, and we got three as a “bonus” from our CSA because they have so many zucchini too.



So this is what we ate this week:

Sunday:  it was my birthday so we had grilled salmon (which Curt nicely cooked for me in a hailstorm) and grilled portobello mushrooms and some grilled zucchini.

Monday:  stuffed zucchini (I made one for us and one for a friend who just had a new baby).


Tuesday:  cochinita pibil taco bowls, inspired by this recipe.  NO ZUCCHINI YAY!

Wednesday:  tofu, green bean and zucchini Thai curry + rice.

Thursday:  Baked Louisiana red beans & rice.

Friday:  pizza, probably one with zucchini.

This weekend, will be making some zucchini bread.  Whee!

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Korean stewed chicken with spinach (dak bokkeum)

Posted by Jeanne on August 6, 2012

My, it has been awhile, hasn’t it?  I have no excuse except for the baby.  Oh, also the running!  I’m training for another half marathon with Team In Training.  My site is here if you’d like to donate.

I’ve been back at work for three months now, and the concept ruling our dinners during the week is FAST.  Followed closely by EASY.

We’ve been making a lot of stuff on the weekends, so that during the week Curt can pull dinner together while I feed E right after we get home.  We get home between 5:30 and 6 pm, and E is going to bed right around 7 pm – so our evenings are a race against the clock, and against eating dinner at 9 pm.

It has taken me four days to write this.  There are no photos of the dish.  But what I wanted to say is that you should make this.  I don’t think it’s particularly authentic because I googled some other recipes and they all seemed more stew-like than the way this turned out.   But it is awesomely tasty and very, very easy.


Leaving me with a little more time to figure out the loopy ball thing.

Maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to figure out the whole “blogging regularly” thing too.

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Daring Kitchen February 2012 – Flipping frying patties!

Posted by Jeanne on February 14, 2012

Blog-checking lines:  The Daring Cooks’ February 2012 challenge was hosted by Audax & Lis and they chose to present patties for their ease of construction, ingredients and deliciousness! We were given several recipes, and learned the different types of binders and cooking methods to produce our own tasty patties!

I SWORE to myself that this time, I was going to post at the right time.  Unfortunately, the patties that I made barely count as a recipe at all – but I’m still posting them, dammit.

Incredibly lazy buffalo chicken patties

2 (12.5 oz) cans of chicken breast meat (I KNOW!  Take away my foodie card now.)

2 large eggs

0.5 C panko or breadcrumbs

Hot sauce, as much as you like (we used Cholula – if you have it, Frank’s Red Hot would be better)

Salt & pepper

Kira supervises the prep work.

Mix everything until thoroughly combined.  form into patties – we did four.  You could do six or even eight if you have small slider rolls.

Warm about 0.5 TB oil (we used olive oil) over medium to medium-high heat.  Add patties and fry until golden brown on each side, about 3 – 4 minutes per side.

Serve with additional hot sauce.

If I wasn’t pregnant  I would totally have covered it with blue cheese too.  Mmmm, blue cheese…

Thanks to Audax and Lis for a great challenge!  Also, if you’re reading – you should check out some of the other posts because they did a MUCH better job and didn’t use canned chicken.  What can I say, I’m a slacker.  Blame the baby.

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Daring Kitchen January 2012: Tamales!

Posted by Jeanne on January 22, 2012

Blog-checking lines: Maranda of Jolts & Jollies was our January 2012 Daring Cooks hostess with the mostess! Maranda challenged us to make traditional Mexican Tamales as our first challenge of the year!

I was super excited for this challenge, because I’ve been wanting to make a batch of tamales for after this kid is born – and now I had an excuse to make Curt help!  I’ve made tamales several times, and they are one of my favorite easy dinners.  They freeze and reheat extremely well.

I followed this recipe for the dough, and we used cooked spiced chicken and cheddar cheese for the filling.

Also, I swear this post was ready to go last weekend except the pictures were on the camera still – and there they stayed until today.  Better late than never?

Prepping masa in the corn husk.

Ready to roll!

The finished product, ready to steam.

Thanks to Maranda for a great challenge!

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Artichoke dip chicken

Posted by Jeanne on September 25, 2011

Between my travels over Labor Day weekend (thanks Peter, Erika and Dylan for letting me come visit!) and the nasty cold I picked up, cooking motivation has been very low.  I resolved on the Wednesday after that to make something new and take a few pictures, dammit, so at least I would have SOMETHING to write about.

And then I spent 2 days solid paddling around in Cunningham Lake for the Kayak Polo U.S. Nationals tournament and didn’t write a post.  And then I spent two weeks thinking that I needed to post something more interesting that some chicken thing we had for dinner on a random Wednesday, but that didn’t really happen either – and now it’s been forever since I posted but this is all I’ve got.

The dish isn’t anything too fancy, but it tasted good and came together really quickly – just what I needed for  a low-motivation Wednesday night.  Even if it was three weeks ago.

Artichoke dip chicken

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (about 2 lbs.)

1 C plain yogurt (I used Fage 0%)

1 C feta cheese, crumbled

1 C marinated artichokes

1 10-ounce package frozen spinach, defrosted and water squeezed out

2 cloves garlic, peeled

1 large egg

Salt & pepper

Preheat oven to 350F.  Prepare a baking dish with butter or cooking spray; set aside.

Butterfly the chicken breasts (lay flat on a cutting board, slice into the center far enough so that you can open them up but not far enough that you cut them in two).

Salt & pepper both sides of the chicken, and set aside.

Combine yogurt, feta, spinach, artichokes, garlic, egg, and salt & pepper in a food processor.  Pulse until completely combined, scraping down the sides as necessary.

Stuff a good amount of artichoke & spinach mixture into the center of each butterflied chicken breast, then close gently around filling.  I had some filling left over so I put it on top of the chicken breasts as well.

Bake for 45 minutes to an hour, or until the center of the filling reads 165F.


We served it with some Israeli couscous that was cooked with lemon, kalamata olives, and oregano.  Easy weeknight dinner!

Hopefully this is the beginning of more-frequent posting.  Fingers crossed.

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You jerk

Posted by Jeanne on August 19, 2011

I had originally planned to do a Fridge Friday post today, because it’s been way, way too long.  But because of some crazy storms in Omaha last night, we don’t have any power in the house – so the fridge is dark.  And I’m afraid to open it and let in any warm air, because who knows when the lights will go back on?

Anyway, so instead here is a post I’ve been working on for ages –  jerk chicken, rice & peas, and collard greens.

I love how well greens grow in our garden.  Traditionally, collards are boiled (usually with pork) for ages and ages.  I hate them this way – they’re really, really soft and mushy.

I like to sautee them briefly in olive oil and salt & pepper, then add some chicken stock and steam them for a bit.  They’re soft enough to eat but still have some bite to them.

For jerk chicken, I buy jerk marinade at this place (links to UrbanSpoon page for Caribbean Delights Restaurant, they seem not to have a webpage).  If you’re in Omaha, you must go – amazing, amazing stuff.  I like to use boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

Note:  Grill the chicken outside or cook it in the oven.  If you use a stovetop grill, the jerk paste will fill your kitchen with peppery smoke that is much like using pepper spray on yourself.  And your dogs.  Poor pups.

For the rice and peas, I used a recipe that’s similar to this one.  Rice & peas isn’t rice with green peas – it’s rice with beans, and they’re spicy and delicious.

I’m off to Des Moines this weekend, to visit the Iowa State Fair for the first time!  I am looking forward to red velvet funnel cake and lots of foods on a stick.  Don’t think I will be trying deep-fried butter though.

Hopefully I will return on Saturday evening and there will be power in my house.  It’s the little things that count, right?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Tastespotting at Random: Hanoi noodle soup

Posted by Jeanne on March 2, 2011

This post is brought to you by Saveur’s recipe for Hanoi noodle soup with chicken, baby tatsoi, and bok choy.

I used leftover turkey from Friendgiving, and the stock that I made from the turkey bones after the birds were carved.  I didn’t have any fresh cilantro or mint as called for in the original recipe.  I had frozen mint, and some of the Thai pesto I made last summer, so I improvised using those.

Also, I couldn’t find any tatsoi, so I bought some mustard greens and decided to use spinach we already had instead of the bok choy.

Mustard greens are pretty.  And really delicious.

Now I’m starting to sound like the reviewers on Epicurious or the Food Network website – except I promise not to say “I changed EVERYTHING it was possible to change, and made the recipe vegan. This recipe is TERRIBLE!”

Hanoi noodle soup, inspired by Saveur’s recipe

8 cups stock

2 TB fresh ginger, sliced

3 cloves garlic, smashed whole

2 TB Thai pesto (or 0.5 C fresh cilantro), divided

0.5 C frozen mint (or fresh if you’ve got it), divided

3 – 4 cups chopped cooked turkey

1 bunch mustard greens, thinly sliced

0.5 lb. raw spinach

0.25 lb. rice noodles (preferably 0.5 inch wide)

Sliced scallions

Bring stock to a simmer over medium heat. Add ginger, garlic, Thai pesto and half of the mint (half the cilantro too if you’re using fresh).  Simmer for 30 minutes.

Strain out the solids and return the liquid to the pot over medium heat.

Add turkey and mustard greens and cook for 10 – 15 minutes, until greens are tender.  Add spinach and cook 5 minutes, until wilted.

While greens cook, soak rice noodles in hot water for about 10 minutes, until very soft.  Add to soup and serve immediately, with remaining herbs, sliced scallions, Sriracha or chili-garlic sauce, and slices of lime.

Despite all my changes, this was REALLY good.  Really really really good.

And naturally gluten-free!

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Friendgiving recap, and planning

Posted by Jeanne on February 27, 2011

Friendgiving was fabulous.  FABULOUS.  There was roast turkey, and grilled turkey breast with a bacon mat.

Yes, the bacon mat.


Turkey breast wrapped in the bacon mat.  Sooooooo good.

Also, Curt and Megan had a green-bean off.  Megan insists that green bean casserole must be made with canned green beans; Curt believes that it should rightfully be made with frozen green beans and homemade sauce.

And then we topped it with bacon for good measure.  I think my sister’s boyfriend put it best when he said that Curt made good green beans, but that Megan made good green bean casserole.

The final menu was:

  • Spinach artichoke dip
  • Havarti shrimp
  • Smoked salmon + capers, creme fraiche, onions
  • Turkey (roasted, cider-brine and grilled, bacon wrapped)
  • Gravy
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Swiss potato gratin
  • Green bean casserole two ways (canned vs. frozen)
  • Whipped sweet potatoes
  • Dressing
  • Corn spoonbread
  • Roast carrots
  • Date & toffee cupcakes
  • Pie (apple and peach/raspberry)

It was amazingly good.

Why can’t I change that font?  So annoying.


Our meal plan for this week is as follows:

Turkey meatloaf & mashed potatoes/cauliflower

Turkey & noodle soup

Portuguese green soup

Mapo tofu & rice

Chicken & black bean enchiladas

Aloo gobi & rice

Pasta with Italian sausage & spinach

Hummus wraps & Greek salad (really, just salad with feta and a vinaigrette heavy on the oregano)

Should be a good week.

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What is your blizzard food?

Posted by Jeanne on February 2, 2011

Apparently, ours is roast chicken.  We made it during Snowpocalypse Christmas 2009

and now again during Snowmageddon 2011.  No photos, but I butterflied it, rubbed the skin with olive oil, and then rubbed it with salt, pepper, sage, and thyme.  It was tasty.

Man, it is cold out.  Stupid winter.

Good dinner though.  What are you eating while the weather is god-awful?

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