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Front-yard foraging

Posted by Jeanne on June 26, 2013

So I believe I mentioned once or twice that we moved – moving sucks, eating takeout, blah blah blah.  One of the interesting parts about moving is whole new landscaping to discover.  We have peonies in the backyard, which are pretty but dead now.  And we have a serviceberry, or Amelanchier tree, in our front yard.


The berries are pretty.  They’re pretty tasty too – kind of like a blueberry.

The tree had a tag that said “serviceberry” on it, so my mom took some of the berries to our local extension office to verify.  It is indeed a serviceberry tree, and the berries are apparently quit nutritious.   Also no poisonous, which I verified by eating some of them myself and waiting 24 hours before feeding them to the child.

I might make some cobbler or something with them tomorrow.  Yard foraging is great because it appeals to both my foodie side and my totally cheap side!


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Day of the pork

Posted by Jeanne on June 16, 2013

So we bought this huge pork shoulder at Costco, and Saturday of this weekend was the Day of the Pork.  Now we have pulled pork for sandwiches, bulk Italian sausage, and tomorrow we’ll have cochinita pibil for tacos.  For a long, long time.

I realized that I got so into bee-bim bop last week that I didn’t post a meal plan!  So last week, we had:

Saturday: bee-bim bop

Sunday:  La Casa that my mother-in-law brought over.  Love La Casa.

Monday:  pasta with italian sausage and red sauce

Tuesday:  turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, sugar snap peas, and broccoli

Wednesday:  falafel salad

Thursday:  BBQ spiced shrimp & grits

Friday:  we had dinner with our friends (and former neighbors) Rick and Kate – enchiladas!  Their oven died the next day.  I swear I didn’t touch it.

And then this week, we begin using the pork!

Saturday:  grilled salmon, potatoes, parmesean-lemon green beans (Wild sockeye was $25 a pound at our local grocery store but $13.99 a pound at costco, which isn’t cheap but compared to $25 a pound sounds like a freaking bargain.)

Sunday:  lasagna (I made a second one for the freezer – my general theory on lasagna is that it is a pain to make so you might as well make a ton.)

Monday:  Buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing

Tuesday:  pulled pork sandwiches with sauteed green beans

Wednesday:  we are going to the College World Series!  I haven’t been since I was a teenager.  I think it’ll be fun.  Curt wants to eat a hot dog.

Thursday:  crock pot minestrone soup

Friday:  Hoisin chicken with soba noodles

Have a good week, everyone!



Don’t eat the paint.

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Bee-bim Bop

Posted by Jeanne on June 9, 2013

We got E this book a few weeks ago – it’s super cute.  After reading it a few times, Curt started asking me to make some bee-bim bop for dinner one night.  So I did yesterday.

The book says that bee-bim bop is a popular meal for many Koreans, and I can see why – it was delicious and it came together really quickly.  Also, since everything is served separately if you have picky eaters they can easily avoid the greens or carrots or whatever.

Bee-bim bop – recipe adapted from Bee-bim Bop! by Linda Sue Park



2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 green onions, sliced

5 TB soy sauce

2 TB sugar

2 TB vegetable oil

2 tsp sesame seeds

1 TB sesame oil

Black pepper


1 pound tender lean beef (I used sirloin), sliced very thinly against the grain


3 – 4 carrots, julienned

2 10-oz. packages frozen spinach (I used kale we had frozen from last summer), defrosted and well-drained

1 pound mung bean sprouts

Other ingredients:

4 eggs, well beaten

salt and pepper

vegetable oil for frying

Serve with:  kochugang (Korean hot pepper paste), kimchee, steamed rice


Combine marinate ingredients and meat and set aside.


Stir-fry carrots in vegetable oil in a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.


Season with a little bit of salt and pepper and set aside.  Repeat with bean sprouts and greens or spinach.

For eggs, the recipe stated to season the eggs with salt and pepper, make four thin egg pancakes, and slice them into ribbons.  I unfortunately am unable to make egg pancakes without everything turning into a hot mess, so I just scrambled the eggs.


Finally, the meat.  Heat your skillet over medium-high heat.  When the pan is hot, dump the meat and marinade in all at once.  Cook quickly until the meat is done; keep the marinade as a sauce.


Hungry E is ready to eat!  To serve:  put some rice (“bop”) in the bottom of your bowl.  Top with meat (and sauce), veggies, and egg.


Stir until mixed up (“bee-bim”), top with gochujang and kimchi, and enjoy.


She loved it – no kimchi, but she had some of everything else!

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Day 6

Posted by Jeanne on June 2, 2013

I’ve been doing ok with the streak – I missed Thursday because of work and Friday because of happy hour (whoops).  But that still means I have run four of the last six days, so I’m still running a lot more than I was before.



This is our new kitchen.  It’s long and skinny and really hard to photograph.

What we’re eating this week:

Saturday – pizza.  One was asparagus, pesto, and goat cheese and one was just tomato sauce and cheese.  I forgot to make crust so we bought it at Trader Joe’s.  The whole wheat was very good and the garlic/herb tasted like school lunch breadsticks.  Not what we were expecting but it would be good if you had that in mind.

Sunday  – kale and quinoa pilaf (from the Food 52 Cookbook) and grilled salmon.

Monday – asparagus and mushroom frittata (already made!  yay!).



Tuesday – jerk chicken with red beans and rice (recipe for the beans and rice from How To Cook Everything Vegetarian)

Wednesday –  cobb salad with chicken

Thursday – mapo tofu with rice

Friday – fajitas!  Hopefully the weather cooperates so we can grill.

Have a good week, everyone!

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Day one

Posted by Jeanne on May 27, 2013

We just got back in town after a quite lovely visit to Chicago.  It was our first time flying with the child, which was quite the adventure.  We pizza’d and brunched and saw family and friends and grilled out and had hot dogs and drank cold white wine at 2:30 in the afternoon.  It was awesome.

While we were gone, one of our former neighbors tagged me in a post on Facebook about the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak.  I was skeptical, then intrigued.  I kind of have a love/hate relationship with running – I sign up for races, I hate running at the beginning, I love it mid-season, and I am sick of it by the time the race arrives.  So I haven’t run more than a few blocks since doing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco in mid-October.  

After our flight today, I got a bug to go running.  Not far – just a mile – but I did it.  38 more days to go. 

Tonight we had frozen falafel from Trader Joe’s for dinner.  Tomorrow, I am going to go buy some groceries.  The rest of the week I think we’ll have:

Baked potatoes stuffed with broccoli and cheddar

Thai chicken lettuce wraps 

Pasta with pesto and roasted veggies

Homemade pizza

Nothing exciting but we have been out of town for four days, so I’m trying to keep my expectations low.  What’s on your meal plan this week?

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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by Jeanne on May 12, 2013

Curt made brunch today – it was glorious.  Quiche Lorraine, a spinach and feta quiche, potatoes, and my sister and fake brother-in-law brought cut up fruit and banana bread.


The child very much enjoyed playing with her grandmothers.


Since it is Mother’s Day, I decided that I didn’t want to spend all day cooking for the week – so this week’s menu is super, super simple.

Sunday – crunchy black bean tacos (found on Pinterest – they were ok but next time I will just make quesadillas and be done with it) + salad

Monday – salmon puttanesca pasta (found one lonely salmon filet in the freezer – thought this would be a good way to use it up)

Tuesday – veggie burgers + baked potatoes & sauteed veg

Wednesday – falafel salad

Thursday – “pork” and beans (chicken sausage and baked beans)

Friday – kale & feta pinwheels (a spanikopita-inspired version of this recipe)

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there who is a mother or has a mother – and here’s to a week of easy food!

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Back in the saddle

Posted by Jeanne on May 4, 2013

We survived!  We’ve found most of our stuff and are still figuring out what all the light switches in the new house turn on and what other fun quirks the house (built in 1937) has.  

After way too much takeout and half-ass meal planning, here’s what we’re eating this week:

Saturday:  Korean turkey meatloaf (based on this recipe, but with a different glaze – so good), soba, sauteed broccoli

Sunday:  fish tacos + black beans

Monday:  Thai fried rice (I forsee something like pineapple fried rice with shrimp, but I don’t have a recipe in mind so who knows how it’ll turn out)

Tuesday:  crock pot minestrone (so something is ready when we get home late – Tuesday is toddler swim class!)

Wednesday:  Buffalo chicken salad

Thursday:  veggie burgers + …something

Friday:  homemade pizza!  Our former neighbors are coming over – should be fun.

Maybe next time, photos.  🙂  I know where all the camera parts are, but need some time to figure out the lighting in the new place.  For food photos.  Here is a photo of the child instead:


Have a good week, everyone!

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Moving is horrible

Posted by Jeanne on March 3, 2013

We are moving.  In just over two weeks.  We are at the packing stage where I think we should just throw everything away and start over.  We are not, of course.  We will continue to pack up all our crap and nice gentlemen from Two Men and  a Truck will come and carry it over to the new house.  Blergh.

In preparation, we are also trying to cook down the fridge and freezer contents.  It’s getting a little funky.  Next week we will be within spitting distance of All Takeout All The Time but for now, we are still cooking.

Breakfast:  breakfast cookies, pumpkin quinoa steel-cut oatmeal

Sunday:  apple cider vinegar chicken stew with onions and kale + Israeli couscous

Monday:  breakfast for dinner!  Scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, blueberry pancakes

Tuesday:  chicken Thai curry + rice

Wednesday:  pasta with sausage and red sauce

Thursday:  freezer dinner (cassoulet I made a couple weeks ago for this moving time)

Friday:  homemade pizza.

The breakfast cookie thing is from Pinterest.  I am less enamored with Pinterest lately, to be honest.  I think I have seen too many pins of “recipes” that include things like powdered ranch dressing mix.  Or there is this pin floating around that calls for boneless chicken breasts, green beans, and potatoes all cooked together in butter and salad dressing mix (Italian, not ranch).  For an hour.  THOSE POOR GREEN BEANS!  Ugh.  But this recipe is a real recipe, does not include powdered salad dressing at all, and is very tasty to boot!

Have a good week, everyone!

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Friendsgiving and plan – week of February 16th

Posted by Jeanne on February 18, 2013

I failed at another resolution and missed a week last week.  Woe is me.  I have nothing to blame that one on except being busy.  I am blaming the gym failure on the general plague that will not leave our house (stomach bug E, stomach bug C, feverish cold thing that won’t go away me, ear infection E).  Is it spring yet?

One bright spot in winter is Friendsgiving, which is my favorite made-up holiday.  It was Saturday night.  There were 16 adults, 1 child, 1 toddler, three babies, and two dogs in attendance.

We made this turkey (which is AWESOME, btw) and a cornbread bundt cake.  Other people brought:

Spiced beef phyllo triangles with chutney

Artichoke-olive rolls

Bread & cheese

Mis0-glazed sweet potatoes

Mashed potatoes with spinach

Roasted brussels sprouts with pecans

Ginger lime kale with squash and chickpeas

Roasted veggies (carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, pearl onions)

Bacon-toffee cheesecakes

Peach & raspberry pie

Apple nut pie

It was amazing – I love that we have this party every year and that we have friends who are into it enough to bring so much awesome food over.

The rest of the week:

Sunday:  Spanish couscous pilaf, sauteed salmon, and steak (have I mentioned that Curt’s friend Scott is visiting?  He’s a chef.  I highly recommend befriending chefs when possible.)

Monday:  mole-braised beef short ribs, black beans and rice.


Also we had eggs benedict with bacon for breakfast.  Again with the visiting chef.  AWESOMENESS.

Tuesday:  pasta with pesto chicken (Scott goes home tomorrow.  Can you tell?)

Wednesday:  cassoulet

Thursday:  breakfast for dinner (eggs and roast potatoes, I think)

Friday:  homemade pizza

Have a good week, everyone!  Less than two weeks left in February!

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The plan – week of February 3rd

Posted by Jeanne on February 3, 2013

Last week was crazy.  Curt was sick, then we seem to have gotten ourselves in contract for a house, then I got really sick.  Still not sure with what except not the flu.  We will heretofore refer to this illness as the plague.  I spent all day Friday huddled under piles of blankets wearing my pajamas plus wool socks and a sweater, shivering and convinced I was going to die.  So that was unpleasant.  My fever broke about 8:30 PM on Friday and I feel much less like I am dying.  Still sick but definitely not dying.

Anyway, so we got a bit off track.  There was a lot of toast and tea in my life this week.

Sunday:  sausage and peppers pasta – Curt made homemade sausage a few weeks back and we picked up some of the fire-grilled peppers and onions at Trader Joe’s, so we mixed those together and whoot, dinner.

Breakfast:  overnight oatmeal.  I like it, actually.  I even made it with sunflower seed butter last week.


I has arrived as a food blogger.

Monday:  mapo tofu + green beans + rice

Tuesday:  gumbo (made last week and frozen because we didn’t eat it; see plague, above)





Wednesday:  pesto chicken sandwiches

Thursday:  roasted acorn squash and beet salad with goat cheese and bacon vinaigrette


Squash beware



Friday:  broccoli and cheddar pinwheels (I wrote about them in this post)

Anyway.  Stay healthy and have a good week, everyone.

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