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Happy blogiversary to me!

Posted by Jeanne on September 5, 2013

Today is my fourth blogiversary!  I had no idea so thank you WordPress for reminding me.

I am actually on staycation this week.  My lovely friend Erika and her equally lovely son Dylan came to visit, and we ate fabulously while she was here.  Now she is gone and I’m cooking a whole bunch of stuff in the hopes that the rest of this fall will be less hectic than the summer.

AHAHAHAHA.  Yeah right.  But I can try, right?

Pork and black bean enchiladas – made the enchilada sauce this afternoon, will finish the enchiladas tomorrow

Pasta with tomato sauce, Italian sausage, and kale

Cassoulet with turkey sausage

Broccoli cheddar pinwheels

Maybe a few other things if I get inspired and the freezer will accommodate them.

ALSO!  I tried a chia seed pudding that someone posted on Pinterest and it is delicious.  I have long been suspicious of chia puddings because seriously, they are seeds.  How can you make pudding (or even “pudding”) out of seeds?  But it works.  It pays to try new things sometimes.

Sorry no pictures – have to dash!  We are going out for dinner tonight for my blogiversary our anniversary, which was Tuesday.  Happy Thursday everyone!


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